Guidelines for Georgia Road Race Records

    This is the official website for Georgia's Road Race Records.  There are other sites which have housed the records in the past and at least one which presently claims to be the official posting.  None of those sites are valid.  There may be some correct individual records on those sites, but as a unit, Road Race Records are valid only on this site.
    In order to get a posting changed on this website, the following protocol must be met.  The Race Director for the race in question must submit the application form for a Road Race Record, which he/she downloads from this site.  The pertinent information necessary on this form includes a statement to the effect that the race on that given day was run on the certified* course and a further statement to the effect that the athlete/athletes in question ran the whole course.
    In addition to the form, the Race Director needs to send to Joyce Hodges-Hite (P.O. Box 717, Millen, Georgia 30442) by the United States Postal Service a hard copy of the complete results of the race at which the record was set.  The results should be listed by age group and should include the name, age, sex, time, city of residence, and citizenship of any athlete who may have set a record.  All results should be sent, as in the case of 1000 runners in a race, a record may have been set by somebody at the very back of the race.  Chip times are acceptable for records  -- only if the record setter won his/her age group in the race (in other words, if he/she was the first in his/her age group to cross the finish line).
    The athlete who thinks he/she has or will set a record may alert the Race Director, but it is the ultimate responsibility of the Race Director to send in appropriate materials.  Times submitted by athletes only will perforce not be included in record listings.
    Other websites purporting to be official Georgia Road Race Record websites have suggested that the race must be sanctioned by USATF.  That is not true.  Though it is a good idea for a race to be sanctioned in case a national record may be broken, for a Georgia Record to be official, it is not necessary.
    It is also not necessary for any of the people involved in the race administration or any of the athletes to be members of USATF -- not even if the record should be a national record.  As with sanctioning a race, joining USATF is a good idea, but it has nothing to do with the ratification of records.
    If you need additional information concerning Georgia Road Race Records, please contact Joyce Hodges-Hite at the address above or by phone at 478-982-4881 or 706-551-8212 or by email
Contacting USATF will not suffice.
*  A certified course is one which has been officially measured and mapped.  It has been assigned a certification number by Woody Cornwell, Georgia Course Certifier, and a map of the course is in the hands of the Georgia Road Race Recordkeeper Joyce Hodges-Hite.